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Use Our Drop Shadow Service for Your Online Store

Drop shadow service is one of the most important image editing services for displaying products. It is a visual effect that consists of a design that resembles the shadow of an object and leaves the object with great effect. This causes the shadow to jump behind the target object. In other words, your merchandise seems much more appealing and can sell much better in such a display.

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Drop shadow also provides 3D effect which of course makes the image so attractive. Some of the photos of the product may have natural shadows. If you apply this effect, you can keep the shadow. In general drop shadow, natural shadow and reflection shadow are the effects most commonly used in product photos. But all types of shadow effects give very different results. In addition to product photos, we can apply shadows to model photography, natural pictures, group pictures, interior and exterior photos.

The outer shadow also provides a 3D effect that makes the picture so attractive. In Axiom Clipping, we use premium software like Adobe Photoshop. It provides high-quality drop shadows and other design features that enhance the resolution of the product image.

Drop shadow service allow products to sell more

Many small and large eCommerce platforms ignore this technique most of the time because they never come to mind or are simply unaware. If you add an external shadow, the images and the text become surprising and you do not expect your visitors to buy something on a 13-inch screen that they find unattractive, but only in real life. This does not mean that your product is of poor quality, it just means that the product’s display is of poor quality. In fact, many companies have experienced tremendous revenue growth as they have implemented the drop shadow.

At Axiom Clipping, we apply clipping paths to maintain the original shadows while the background is removed. In addition, we are able to create a new natural hue, but also to enhance the images in which the original lighting was poor.

As you look closely at the image, it creates a sense of consistency and depth that reflects the illusion of the object at the top of the background. The use of softening functions and advanced mixing allows us to improve the outer color tone as much as possible. It also opens a new door to create a number of possibilities.

When we offer a drop shadow service, our goal is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in order to build a long-term relationship that is comfortable and profitable for your business. Our services include not only drop shadow, but also graphic design, clipping paths, image masking, photo editing, color correction, and more. We can work a lot (5k photos per day) and our customers are satisfied with the fast delivery time.

Why choose us for shadow making?

Product photos should be the top priority for all online shops. We have a highly skilled design team with years of experience in the field. They can optimize images for both online and print medium. To get the best results, we work closely with our customers and to make visitors to the site more comfortable. We also give feedback on the best kind of shadow based on the design of your website and niche. You’ll see everything in action in our drop shadow Free Trial.

If you are looking for a professional drop shadow service, do not hesitate to use our Free Trial service. Contact us if you have further questions about our services.

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