Human Beings are always instinctively drawn towards great images. Great images are appealing in the offline context, so also are they in the online context. An online store needs great images to increase visual appeal and make people develop interest in the products on sale. A great product image would often times be the deal maker on an online store. This is why it is very important for online stores to invest in quality product images. The following are tips on how to make better photos to boost online sales.

1. Use high resolution cameras to get better images
One of the way to get better images is to use high resolution cameras. For instance a high quality DSLR camera is capable of producing a much more better image than low resolution cameras. The importance of starting out with a high resolution camera cannot be under-emphasized.
2. Use the right file type to save images
It is equally important to save images with the right file type. For instance PNG have a better quality than JPEG. So it is better to save your images in PNG for better quality.
3. Resize images to optimize page speed and appearance
Another way to boost online sales with better product photos is to resize images to optimize page speed and appearance. Big images have a tendency to slow down web speed and undermine user experience. Once your website user experience is bad, it would have a negative impact on the search engine ranking in the long run. This is why it is important to resize your images to have a great fit on your website and to improve page speed.
4. Use a consistent size and style for all images
An online store would look better if you use the same size and style for all images. Moreover, the consistency of image size and style would would also help ensure that all texts are aligned in the same part of the web page. This would make your online store more organized. Uniformity of image size and style makes an online store have a better visual appeal.
5. Caption image files correctly to improve SEO.
Another way to use better images to boost online sales is to capture image files correctly. This helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whenever search engines scan websites, they can read text but not images. So when you caption images with the right text, search engines would be able to scan the content of your websites and publish your website in search engine results. For the sake of uniformity and consistency, use lower case letters when captioning your images.
6. Use the right image background
When taking pictures for an online store. It is very important to refrain from using a background that would distract the viewer from the image or create a negative impression. For instance, posting the image of a smartphone on a cluttered desk is not likely to create a visual appeal. It is important to use a background that would create a better visual appeal.
7. Use photoshop and photo-editors to polish your images
Sometimes it may not be possible to take the perfect picture. At other times, you may have one problem or two with the image background. This is where photo editors become important. Using photoshop makes photo-intensive tasks easier. Photoshop also help produce a better and more appealing image. This would positively engage viewers and encourage them to click and make purchases on your online store.
8. Provide multiple image angles for each product.
When taking pictures of products to be posted on an online store, it is important to capture multiple angles of the product. This would give the prospective buyer the opportunity to view the product from multiple point of views. This would create a better impression than when the image is taken from only one angle.
9. Post images close to relevant text
In order to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your online store, it is very important to post images close to relevant text. This would create a better user experience and improve your Search Engine Rankings.
10. Use relevant images
Moreover, it is important to use only relevant images on your online store if you are planning to improve sales. If your online store sells electronics, there is no need to use the image of an apple tree. This is totally out of context.