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In today’s world product photo editing is vital to get more sell. Because “seeing is believing”, the finish color and quality of the image is key to success. In order for your image to sell it, it must speak over a thousand words. Your image should be able to pierce, touch and feel the obstacles, and should be effective enough to force clients to make decisions immediately.

Do not look any further. At photosolutions.com, we are the perfect product imaging service provider!

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Axiom Clipping has over 30 years of experience in the industry and offers a variety of services ranging from scanning photos, videos and films to restoring short runs.

We are at the forefront when it comes to editing product photos and creating a 10/10 image. Our dedicated team complements the look of your product and increases the chances of it being sold exponentially. We highlight the best features of your product, whether it’s electronics, clothing, jewelry or home accessories and often compose the image with accessories or complementary lettering. We help the expansion of the imagination and give a new meaning to each image. We also ensure that your images are treated with the utmost confidentiality and that they are perfectly transferable to desktops and mobile devices.

Some of the product image editing services we offer may be more or less classified in the following articles.

– Trim – We cut the image of the original and put it on the appropriate backgrounds. Intensify the color and quality of your images.

– Resize – Images are created to your liking without affecting the quality of your image. So thumbnail, zoom etc. choose your choice.

– Color and lighting – Images are sometimes too tonal or rich in contrast. We are working to resolve these issues and make sure they look directly from the high-end lifestyle magazine.

– Image composition – Images can have images that differ from the main object, we remove them as folds of a shirt. At the same time we reconstruct the empty area with harmonizing images.

– 360-degree views – The latest retail product retouching in particular, is a 360-degree product showcase and we provide frame views, white backgrounds, click and mouse controls, and more.

Many online retailers were on our list of customers, and we also provided our product imaging services to advertising agencies, news agencies, photographers, and so on. We know how important commercial image editing is, so we improve the attractiveness of your photos to ensure buyers do not close the e-commerce window before buying. We succeed in what we do because we strive to improve the appearance of your images without compromising quality and capabilities.

Our image editors are well trained and have extensive experience in the field of image processing and have worked on various image editing tools, technologies and software. Our portfolios include automotive companies, clothing brands, small online sellers and even medical device manufacturers. We have dedicated project managers, fast and reliable delivery, optimized workflow, optimal quality at the best price, attention to detail, flexible and customized solutions, free revisions and more. exceptional customer service.

We can either take your photo samples personally or upload your photo online. It’s that simple.

Visit photosolutions.com for a free consultation. Our team of image consultants will provide you with a tailored plan for all your needs.

We will make sure that you will not be disappointed!

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Product photo editing


Product photo editing